Welcome to GROTM!
Gekkota is a very large clade, and unfortunately, the majority of people only know or have heard about less than 5 of the over 1,946 species.  This site is not really meant for the general public though.  It is in depth and and is mostly for those that are truly interested in learning and understanding gekkonids and pygopodids and the classifications that our taxonomy and phylogeny has placed them.  In this site you will only find information regarding geckos and pygopodids and information that applies to them.  The intention of this site is to assist in the identification, study, documentation and organization of the mono-phyletic clade, Gekkota.  Througout the site you will be able to find specific information regarding most species of gekkonid or pygopodid and in some cases most sub-species.  Although, there are many species that just do not have thorough documentation and not much is truly known about them.  So, help from as many people as possible is detrimental to the success of the site.  Also, this site will be a good source for articles and recent news regarding Gekkota.  As it is impossible to keep up a database without having the most recent updates and occurences.  Due to the ongoing changes and recent layout change, there will be a lot of mistakes and it will take a few months if not a few years to work out most of the bugs.  Enjoy the site!
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