Dichotomous Keys

Definition- a key for the identification of organisms based on a series of choices between alternative characters

How to use this site
First and foremost, to be able to use this site, you need to know the scientific name(s) of the gecko(s) or pygopodid(s) in question.  The reason GROTM has set it up like this is because scientific names are very specific and don't allow for the confusion that common names are liable to invoke.  Many species that are completely different go by the same common name and many times the common names that people are familiar with are completely incorrect.  An example of this is probably the most commonly, incorrectly used name, "house" gecko.  Virtually any gecko can live in and among houses, so this is not a specific enough name to try to do a detailed search about a certain species.  Also, many species of gecko just do not have common names.

    The individual letter links in the black box above are links to the genera of geckos.  To search for a specific genus you would have to know the genus name of the geckos you're looking for.  For example, the genus Agamura could be looked up in greater detail by going to the "A" link and clicking on the "Agamura" link.

The four links above that are not in a black box are links to the families.  This is a more advanced way of finding the genus that you're looking for.  For example, if you wanted to search for Oedura, you would click on the "Diplodactylidae" link and then click on the "Oedura" link.

All documentation from other sources that is used on this site is in the "Bibliography & Links" link.

If you are unsure of a term that is used on this site it is or will be able to be found by clicking on the "Glossary" link.

Most of the photos used for this site are thumbnails and can be clicked on to see the larger image and proper credit is given to the photographer and in some instances the owner of the animal(s).

The "Dichotomus Keys" link leads to a page for identifying geckos.  It is an advanced way to determine the exact species in question.

For those that are new to gekkota and this site, the "General Gekkota Info" link describes in detail all of the basics regarding gekkota.

    The GRO logo at the top left is also the link to the home page.  So anytime you want to go back to the home page you just need to click on that.
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