General Gekkota Info
Gekkota is a grouping of small lizards that typically come from a wide range of ecosystems mostly lying inbetween the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn, although many species have adapted to survive in cooler climates.  Many of the species included in this grouping are abundant in the wild and are imporant sources of food for many predators, as well as being predators themselves, they help to stabilize insect and other small vertebrate populations.
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What does Gekkota mean?
In phylogeny Gekkota is a large monophyletic clade which includes lizards from two groups, the geckos and the Australian pygopodids.

Outer Ear
Calcium Deposits (more often than not a female characteristic, but males develop them as well)
Enlarged toe pads signifying that this gecko is arboreal