Smith's Green Eyed Geckos
Gekko smithii
Pronunciation: gek-O  smith-E
0 Sub-species
Discovered by:  GRAY 1842 (accepted name)
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Myanmar, Singapore, Thailand

Small invertebrates.

Named after Andrew Smith (1797-1872), Scottish zoologist and founder of the South African Museum.

Gecko albo-fasciolatus GÜNTHER 1867 (synonym)

Gecko stentor GÜNTHER 1864 (synonym)
Gekko smithi SMITH 1935 (synonym)
Platydactylus albomaculatus GIEBEL 1861 (synonym)

Platydactylus stentor CANTOR 1847 (synonym)

(Synonym Info from EMBL, See "Bibliography & Links" link above)
Gekko taylori
Gekko gecko
Gekko verreauxii
Gekko siamensis