Diplodactylus damaeus
Pronunciation: dip-lo-dak-till-us  day-me-us
0 Sub-species
Discovered by:  LUCAS & FROST 1896 (accepted name)
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Small invertebrates.

Assigned previously to the Diplodactylus stenodactylus group. The name Lucasius is preoccupied by a Crustacean and has also been used for a Hymenopteran). Holotype: NMV D7528 (1896 Ceramodactylus damaeus Lucas & Frost)

(Synonym Info from EMBL, See "Bibliography & Links" link above)
Lucasius damaeus KINGHORN 1929: 77 (synonym)
Oedura lesueurii lesueurii DAVEY 1970 (nec O. lesueurii DUMÉRIL & BIBRON) (misapplied name)

Turnerdactylus damaeus WELLS & WELLINGTON 1989 (synonym)

Ceramodactylus damaeus LUCAS & FROST 1896 (synonym)
Diplodactylus daemeus COVENTRY 1970 (synonym)

Diplodactylus damaeus KLUGE 1967 (synonym)

Diplodactylus dameum GORMAN 1973 (synonym)

(Synonym Info from EMBL, See "Bibliography & Links" link above)